The Mission: The SCARPA Athlete Mentorship Initiative (SAMI) has been created to connect and engage the SCARPA Athlete team with accomplished athletes from historically marginalized communities aspiring to take their sport or career to the next level. The mission of this program is to connect mentors with mentees focused on the sports we serve to provide participants with opportunities for personal, athletic and career development with the goal of helping to create a more inclusive and diverse community of athletes. - (SCARPA | Athlete Mentorship Program)

Leah’s Profile & Bio

SAMI Profile & Bio: SCARPA | Leah N. Miller

Trad climbing in Chattanooga, TN
Trad climbing in Chattanooga, TN
Name: Leah N. Miller
Hometown: I have a few, but my heart beats with Detroit, Michigan.
Currently Residing: Metro Denver, Colorado
Favorite Crag: Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan (ice climbing) and the Red River Gorge, Kentucky (rock climbing)
Proudest Achievement: Finding the courage to follow my passions: from engineering to entrepreneurship to climbing instruction and beyond.
Favorite Outdoor Advocacy Organization: Detroit Outdoors
I was born in Detroit, Michigan, but was raised in the Deep South. Despite the heat and humidity, I spent quite a bit of time playing outside as a kid, but climbing was not in my awareness. I stumbled upon climbing after college, while I was developing electric vehicle batteries as an engineer in Southeast Michigan.
Climbing introduced me to a world of new friends, adventure, camping and a new way of mentally and physically challenging myself. It also showed me how to meditate while in motion and taught me how to take action while confronting fear. Those lessons helped me find the confidence to become an outdoor leader and climbing instructor, and to start two businesses.
My dream is to use climbing as a medium to help others grow their confidence, and through my current business, Komela Gear, I want to contribute to a legacy of making climbing and other outdoor activities accessible and inclusive for all people.
Personal Instagram: @thealiveofwinter
Personal Instagram: @thealiveofwinter
Business Instagram: @komelagear
Business Instagram: @komelagear
Business Website: Komela Gear

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