I am passionate about solving meaningful problems, instructing/coaching and creating new things.
I believe all things and processes can be better for people and the environment and all people can be better versions of themselves.
I love the challenge, the required presence and the beauty of climbing rocks, ice and mountains. Which is why I moved to Denver, Colorado.
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In my previous professional life, I worked in the automotive industry, working on lithium-ion energy storage systems for hybrid and electric vehicles. My curiosity about how product and business decisions were made, and then assigned to engineering teams, led me to go back to school to earn my MBA. During that time, I was also introduced to Design Thinking and the seed of entrepreneurship started germinating within me.


  • Master of Business Administration (Strategy & Finance)
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
  • Expired | Certified Climbing Wall Instructor - Lead
  • Aspiring Single Pitch Instructor


While working full-time as an engineer and going to graduate school in the evenings, I somehow found the time to discover and develop a strong passion for climbing. I started climbing in a gym, but soon after started climbing real rock and ice.
Climbing trips also introduced me to camping and camping opened the door to backpacking. I also enjoy hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, biking, reading, listening to podcasts and traveling.
I may not be functioning as an engineer professionally any more, but I still enjoy technical endeavors and study. I enjoy learning about and teaching myself new technical skills like no-code tools and SQL. I also like building databases that I can integrate useful tools and automations to simplify tasks or make useful information more accessible.
Rock climbing in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky
Rock climbing in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky
Ice climbing in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan
Ice climbing in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan
Hiking 14,000+ ft peaks  in Colorado
Hiking 14,000+ ft peaks in Colorado
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