Project Overview

  • Completed market research, set the strategy, and built the product roadmap for a new, fictitious, music streaming app with feedback from an experienced product management and customer success mentor.
  • Delivered the roadmap presentation to an "executive panel." Received positive feedback on depth of knowledge of the industry, insightful identification of the customer challenge, strategic positioning and logical presentation flow.
Wrote a go-to-market blog article for the new product with feedback from the Aha! Marketing team.

SongVerse Go-to-Market Blog Article

Music is personal. It can change your mood, strengthen your relationships and give you an energetic boost. If music is so personal, then shouldn't your music streaming service be your biggest ally in serving you the right song, every time? It should, but 'Big Music Streaming' just wants to get big and do all the audio things: music, podcasts and audiobooks.
Streaming music is a great way to listen to artists and songs you love and to discover new favorites. But with access to so much music, customizing your preferences is an essential part of the experience. Many other streaming music stations can be customized by artist, mood and genre. But you may still end up listening to music you don't like because of the lyrics.
SongVerse - the best way to stream music, customized by artist, mood, genre AND lyrical content.
At SongVerse, we just love music. We want your music streaming service to make you feel seen and put you in control of your musical universe. We gives you more control over your music. With SongVerse, you can achieve deep personalization by choosing your music by artist, mood, genre and lyrical content. We allow you to prioritize or exclude certain words, phrases and topics.
You can choose the perfect topic in addition to your preferred genre. Adding a topic filter to a genre selection allows you to control the lyrical themes of the songs played. What genre selection does for musical characteristics, topic does for lyrical characteristics.
Are you hosting a BBQ? Play your favorite genre station with a Summer Fun topic filter to play songs that contain lyrics that are relevant to enjoying the summer. Did you have a rough week? Play your favorite genre station with an Uplifting topic filter to play songs that will only contain positive and uplifting messages.
You can also choose to exclude certain words and/or phrases that you do not want to hear. Don't like to hear songs with derogatory language? Add those words to your exclusion list. Don't like songs that normalize violence? Add those relevant words and phrases to your exclusion list.
At any time, you can open your Settings and change the content of your exclusion list. You can also define a prioritization list, which is a list of words or phrases that you want to hear more of in your stations. Be supported, not triggered by your music.
With SongVerse, lyrics will never ruin your vibe again!
Take control of your musical universe. Download the app in the Google Play Store and start your one month free trial of SongVerse today! Coming to iOS soon.
Hear us, because we see you. - Love, SongVerse
  • Lead a small group project team through the process of planning, conducting, analyzing and presenting the results of customer empathy interviews. The information collected was used to pitch a new feature for Instagram.
  • Completed two practice product demos and one final product demo of Aha! Roadmaps to several Aha! Customer Success team members.